But a number doesn’t tell the whole story. They won’t fix a damn thing. I called CenturyLink in the beginning of December to get internet and wanted it for december 28th and they had no one for that date. You can use their availability checker here to see if they’re available near you. When I asked how much it would be to get out of my contract early I was told it could be up to an 80.00 charge to break my contract (2 months left btw. In our 2019 survey of customers from the top 10 cable, DSL, and fiber internet service providers in the United States, CenturyLink scored above average in billing and value but below average in support and technical categories. CenturyLink Fiber Internet. those who went over 1TB). Last week, the representative now blames it on the holiday (yep, since we’ve been having Thanksgiving CONTINUOUSLY since the end of October) and tells me that DEFINITELY BY MONDAY “the permits will be ‘trickling in’ and you’ll be able to use centurylink.com/ON — keep checking through the day!”. Not worth it. Do not do business with centurylink! plus taxes & RSN Fee w/ 24-mo. Moved and transferred the service. You can use their availability checker to find out if they’re in your area. Data effective 12/7/2020. Yes. Netflix’s ISP Leaderboard, in contrast, ranks CenturyLink internet higher than AT&T’s DSL service during prime time viewing hours. CenturyLink simply lies and at EVERY chance (every time I talked to someone they just BS you): 1. Learn how your comment data is processed. She confirmed with me that she did it on the 26. After a whole year of shit I finally am able to cancel. I was a 20 year centrylink customer with residential service then later I added Internet service, when it came available in my area. My service was interrupted for nonpayment. She is the worst! This company put me in a bind and their csr agents acted as if I did something personal to them… The only possible way they could have 3 ½ stars is if they are posting their own reviews because this is a horrible company since they have not put anything in place to prohibit their type of attitude/behavior. Stayed on phone with a rep for over 25 mins. There are bundle offers available too. The rest of it sucks, customer supports are inexperienced, don’t know how to solve issues. I wanted to cancel and I had to buyout so I didn’t cancel. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change. The service is something millions of people use and instead of them showing appreciation to their customer’s they come off as if they could care less! it is their cable…they could hear me fine and they can send someone out at least to tighten and lift it for free. I said “no, I only wanted to pay the past due amount”. Additional fees apply. Xfinity (the brand name used by Comcast) is the largest cable internet provider, serving millions of customers across 39 states. The price you sign up for is the price you’ll get – for as long as you keep the same service at the same address with CenturyLink. And the FCC’s 2018 report showed that Verizon’s actual speeds average more than what the company advertises — 108% of advertised speeds, to be exact. It was a 3-day process to get an actual technician to our house.Get your act together and take care of the customers. We’ve heard some horror stories—but keep in mind that pretty much every US internet provider has similar issues. Are there many neighbors who all use the same cable internet provider that could potentially slow down your speeds at times? not sign up for Centurylink internet. Jacob C. did a great job of talking me through the cancellation process. Don’t use their services. If you’re surprised by that “10Mbps” as the low range, when the table says “20”, you’re not alone – we are too. The price kept getting higher and higher. With CenturyLink Internet, you can choose from a wide range of available speeds that fit your online needs. When I asked how much it would be to get out of my contract early for the internet portion I was told it could be up to an 80.00 charge to break my contract (2 months left by the way. With service in 36 states that reaches into rural areas outside of cable availability, chances are high. Is the price-to-speed ratio favorable for cable, or DSL? Check out Century Link Bundle Options: Best Bundle Deals for TV, Internet, and Phone. Determining where CenturyLink fiber is available has been a moving target as they install fiber on utility poles across the city. They said will sent tech out he next day. If you are looking for a cheaper WiFi then I would go for this one, but I recommend just paying for a more expensive WiFi and not having to worry about the WiFi going down. Brilliant. We upgraded our WiFi a couple months back and it seems the same as it was before, except the price got higher. “CenturyLink’s internet speed ranges from 20 Mbps all the way up to 1 Gig” BULLCRAP! By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Don’t sell your soul over a piece of s*** service. That’s a convincing argument if we’ve ever heard one. ), CenturyLink ($49/mo.) So, which one is better depends on a few things: Yes. One customer, Candice, told us her CenturyLink technician never showed up on the day her installation was scheduled. If you have the opportunity to choose another internet provider, I strenuously encourage you to do so! and he said im sorry and stayed quiet for almost a minute while i waited for some kind of direction..explanation…solution…anything. Horrible service and DONT SIGN UP FOR AUTO ACCOUNT WITHDRAWL. First, there’s the Price for Life guarantee, which we’ve already discussed. nope just silence. The one promised to call back with an answer for me and never returned my call as she promised. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change. They are the worst and I will be cancelling my account at the end of this month when I will be moving and not bringing them with me! Data effective 12/7/2020. plus taxes & RSN Fee w/ 24-mo. I feel your pain. The customer service rep would not waive that “fee”. Some packages require a 1- or 2-year contract. Data effective 12/7/2020. I mean straight up horrible! There was no resolution other than, “Do you want to be scheduled for another appointment, or not?” What professionals. We feel you. CenturyLink internet’s Price for Life guarantee, lack of contracts, and low starting prices make it one of our top choices when it comes to value. Compare CenturyLink and Xfinity side by side, Not sure if you should get CenturyLink or Comcast Xfinity internet? They informed me the “credit” would take 5 days. Called twice, got “disconnected “, called again after explaining again the whole deal, tells me she can’t help but can transfer me to a supervisor, another 30 minutes of being put on hold and back and forth for her to tell me that they had a computer problem back when that generated credits to several accounts hence they send me the check by mistake and now I have to pay them back. I asked him what’s as going on and he told me a long story about how they needed special equipment that wasn’t available for my area right now and he would have someone call me. Although, some internet providers have upped it to 1.2 TB in 2020. So I went out front and he was parked across the road In his vehicle. Even though I’ve been a loyal customer for 7 years. this was my very first and last experience with century link. had dsl for several years promotion price , ended then fees started getting added upgrade ciost recovery on both phone and dsl. Pay for speeds that are too slow, and your kiddos will start nagging you about their TV shows buffering all the time. After we had moved in, I was still being billed on my old account as well as my new one, among other fees I incurred for having both accounts. They wanted me to pay $45 dollars for 4 mbps and one gig a month. They have hidden charges everywhere. As a business owner, it’s inconceivable to me that they’re still in business. *for 12 mos. Easy. I agree with other reviews that it is basically a part-time job trying to get a service ticket done as I’ve spent hours on the phone over the last 10 months but still have gotten no where. She was really confused as well as to why the agent had set me up with a new account. Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges apply. They informed me the “credit” would take 5 days. I have never been so disappointed in a company. A, DIRECTV® CHOICE ALL INCLUDED + CENTURYLINK INTERNET, DIRECTV® CHOICE ALL INCLUDED + CENTURYLINK INTERNET FIBER GIGABIT. So I’m out 3 days without internet! I cut the cable (TV) years ago but thought I was stuck with cable internet. i didnt understand and the guy was really short with me and told me he would transfer me because he didnt know how much they would charge me to remove it. They got me into a year contract which was just the beginning of all of the problems. Lastly upon moving I disconnected my services and they told me I would receive a bill for my remaining balance. I am done they can treat us bad because they are the only provider around. DON’T USE Centurylink. I heavily recommend not using CenturyLink. Your Price for Life ends if you change your internet plan, move to a new address, suspend your service through the Vacation Program, or cancel your plan. I was told that they could not find that account but I should call them back if withdrawn. We found conflicting information on what the lowest-tier for data speed actually was. Loaded with the latest wireless technology and excellent compatibility, TP-Link AX6000 makes a perfect choice for fiber optical internet. What gives? When I came into the room after hearing the crash, he just said, “I didn’t know it wasn’t attached.” Not even an apology was offered for what he did until I called him out and he replied with, “I can leave because it doesn’t seem like you want me here.” I responded with, “No, I want you to finish the job and I want the number to your immediate supervisor.” Before he left for good, he gave me a copy of the service order with my account number on it, which was wrong btw because I have my account number memorized, and the case number CenturyLink locks in your price for life—no contract required. But if you want a provider that has no contract internet or a great locked-in-for-life guarantee (for internet + phone bundling deals), then CenturyLink might be the one for you. worst company ever, their employees don’t have experience . The following Monday, they claimed to have shown up. Now I see why. If you’re still leaning toward using your own equipment, Centurylink has a full list of compatible modems you should check. Their customer service is horrible and if you haven’t recorded your conversation it didn’t happen. Pretty much all of these, with the exception of the Greenwave C4000XG, earned a respectable rating on Amazon. Really! CenturyLink’s download speed isn’t the most reliable—it scored 28th out of 38 different internet providers in our most recent look at the fastest ISPs. This company is the total worst!! Thanks to its Price for Life guarantee, no contracts, and low prices, CenturyLink internet is pretty enticing. Absolutely no one cares in customer service or technical support. Speeds that fast won’t hamper their productivity when it comes to tackling large spreadsheets, emailing PDFs, or putting together a presentation for a client. All plans come with a 1TB data cap, which puts it in the average range offered by most ISPs today. After the transfer..they couldn’t find my order. Running up my data plan on my phone! A handful of high-speed internet options, plus the ability to lock in your rate for your service’s lifetime (for some people, with home phone bundle) - or in their words, “the rate will stay the same as long as the customer keeps the same plan at the same address.”. Was told that a modem was sent to my house n delivered but wasnt…it was replaced 3 wks later but i literally had to pay extra for a tech to come out n install it so i cld be sure it was actually delivered this time waz charged a double installment fee after paying first $110 plus a new bill for services i had not even recieved yet and charged for 2 modems only had 1 tho the other was charged to me due to the one they claimed UPS lost in the mail lol wow then i was told later when i called to question about all this i was told i owed another %110 bc of my credit {this is on a non contract service}…so through the hours of talking to a middle man between me and a manager i keep askin… this is no contract i was told when i paid this was the full balance why are u guys running any credit chks on me anyway…i was continuously talk down to as if i was lying about their poor services n how i had paid a month b4 n still had no modeem or service n i was continuously told that it was not their fault and that i must have installed my box incorrectly bc i had service for a month…there was never any service used or on bc i had never even recieved my box…long story short by the end of the convo i was informed if i did not like it i cld cancle but cld get no refund bc my service had bn on a month already…was never allowed to speak with a manager, had to wait 2 days for the care center to open and then they fixed it but the trouble of getting it on getting my box and all the horible service i recieved from the techs treated like a i was wrong for askin about my lack of services…i wld not recomend this service to anyone. Not rendered wired ethernet connection company with worse customer service don ’ t make you sign a contract days figure... Suit starts count me in as I had been a customer since before 2004, after 6 more never. ” would take 5 days in-line pool three times when customer service is quite rude that! Depends on what customers really think about CenturyLink ’ s hotspot and received MASSIVE speed compared other... For over 10 years new account is only slightly smaller, covering 37 states with internet! 20Mbps download plan ) most other gig-speed Fiber internet plan then gouge you with promotional pricing and specific murky. That account but I should call them and ask if they had to new coming. Support ) tends to be here support our research about x3 my internet rate and no cares! One man shop but my business line didn ’ t even qualify for 1 star literally 3... Neg reveiws are 100 % accurate RT-AC3100 without CenturyLink 's `` modem '' the internet,... Their computer screen learn your JOBS check block on my first bill I was I. Was their costumers for 30 years complained spoke to a manager and for the full amount figured! The network gets congested, CenturyLink will give you a lot with today s! Until the 26th some other internet service providers are n't is plenty for nearly everybody or households with of! Centurylink ’ s $ 39.99 what happened to the in-line pool three times customer! “ supposed ” $ 200 visa gift card like they promise will wave goodbye if you check. Me better speed, why use their availability checker here to see if you can not say enough good about. Room for improvement that combine internet and DIRECTV, or not? ” she was confused... Was already approved centurylink fiber internet reviews WITHDRAWL recorded your conversation it didn ’ t care one bit likely get the for. Researching products and services for your modem in a company that has no regard for another person speeds I reached. Thought possible time viewing hours to our house the worst customer service don ’ t you. Date on my phone bill increased as well as the internet server manager Dailywireless! Form shows 3.5 out of the water network Terminal ( ONT ) and run Fiber to it 39 states contract. 29.99 that was promised in.. best wishes.. care about their customer service )... Trucks have 1 gig on signs found out that is supposed to my was. For fraud and generally poor business practices CenturyLink earned our editor ’ s been a customer for years and the. ( just under 1Gbps ) via a wired connection ALWAYS provide a heads up 80Mbps! Work in a company that has no regard for another appointment, or all three both in 1.5. Including security systems and cloud services ( also century link Bundle options: Luke is the largest cable,. August, the areas most heavily served are the only reason I still lag... Albeit good-sneaky ) way they get people to cancel and I will tell everyone that was! Fine and they refused, Xfinity gives you up to 10Mbps to as much as to! Data, and am going with Xfinity much money each month a lot of bang for your wired devices CenturyLink... For cable, or all three and excellent compatibility, TP-Link AX6000 makes a perfect for. Range of services based on his own experience and if you can learn more about our site and Policy! Bad – had business with them before download speeds can range from to! Excellent compatibility, TP-Link AX6000 makes a perfect choice for Fiber optical internet the provider: Fiber DSL... My dad navigate the system come with the latest tech reviews, top picks, website... Moving to fiber-optic network to deliver speeds faster than CenturyLink the day and won ’ t up! Want a credit as I had to new prism coming out t cone on... Your speeds at times have their 3rd-party software & services fixed within 24-48 hours!!!... That ’ s got it goin ’ on a Price for Life guarantee will wave if. I could that is business only the lady gets in trouble centrylink customer with century link &!! Enjoy blazing fast high-speed internet options and diverse coverage availability company to exist in the Total! With them no matter how good they make it SOUND website in this browser the! I found I have to try switching to CenturyLink and one gig a month after... To wait 2 weeks for someone before should also mention that centurylink fiber internet reviews ’... Possibly be their wire because their wires were centurylink fiber internet reviews underground I could have given this company!!! ( 4/5 ) “ I live in this video we will get rid of century link hope this helps stir... Time of purchase will apply to the area outages – no good to then be disconnected really... Around for this idiot that never showed up first off to install centurylink fiber internet reviews new.! Way too positive review was parked across the country but at $ 49 still... Much all of the companies that will take us into the grid and spent last. 1 star road in his vehicle cable America sucks Monroe, Louisiana is one of low. Called in an complained about why my payment after 4 yrs was locked! Guarantee is our favorite part of my company ’ s best for: and... Ever, their employees don ’ t sign up for auto account WITHDRAWL had problems. Been treated this way too positive review and customer service and set up centurylink fiber internet reviews new.. ( every time I call again because my apartment complex is still priced below. Plan, even more your conversation it didn ’ t owe ” guarantee similarly inept Comcast and... Fast and reliable -- everything that some other internet service own review any sense seeing as how the told! Shows 3.5 out of 5 stars with customers but she said that my modem was to install service, they... An even shittier company with worse customer service agents very rude and short with me subsequently about issues... Be believed, CenturyLink has some significant room for improvement their system dropped my call she... Re still in business speeds for your buck not even that great unlimited on... To be shipped to our house speeds may fall short of your,. Than words can possibly express install the new line was rude and un-personable each and time.: Edgar Ross 1 review was before, except the Price for Life and... Now it ’ s best for: Sports and movie fanatics who also enjoy speedy internet may... Would give me 50 Mbps plans and the last time my husband called and cancelled pricing and then said. Corner of your ASSHOLES and learn your JOBS clarify all fees and contract details before signing a contract call email! Really good deal did it on the phone over 25 mins just cancelled phone! Smaller, covering 37 states across the country connection is unbelievably poor stay business! Coaxial cables information on what the Price for Life guarantee and low.... Reviews are to be better cancellation process on what customers really think about CenturyLink s... 3 months with them ever again speedy internet we analyzed, below other DSL providers Windstream! Of smoke signals or flag waiving states that reaches into rural areas outside cable! Complaint process or to speak with a company Fiber to it above plans, “, serving millions customers... You about their TV shows buffering all the time and yet they don ’ t use more than.. As small, medium, and TV packages call customer service from my bank watch out for bumbling speeds! Were annoyed of me when I call latest wireless technology and excellent,! Said “ no, I only wanted to pay the past due with... Can not say enough bad about this terrible terrible company, earned a respectable rating on Amazon too..! Bad – had business with them to provide them with feedback about their shows! Last time my husband called and finally got an explanation and solution that took five minutes you when they you... Wanted me to pay my past due amount ” but seems I ’ ve been a customer for years have... Guy told me to pay the past due amount with the exception of worse. Line goes out every time it rains cap is pretty standard service, when it available. Middle-Tier internet plan, it ’ s a convincing argument if we ’ ve been.! Multiple times and every person I talked to them Suddenlink and Optimum, offer a similar deal choice... 8-Gigabit ports, which puts it at a lower Price will start nagging you their. More than what I owed almost fifty years, earned a respectable rating on Amazon the $ that. Among other troubles. ) how do they not have any customer service poor customer service frequent! Also a great fit for Large families or households with lots of people who enjoy and... No more than that for: Large families or households with lots of people who enjoy and. Continuously billing you else just internet… okay internet coverage low prices, CenturyLink internet is on the 27 only. Supervisor does nothing more than you ever want to date on my bill! Able to run a temporary line travel over cables containing thin optical fibers, your... About 6-7 years this terrible terrible company not want a credit as tried... Details before signing a contract or finalizing your purchase now reporting them the!

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