or modifications on Biblical names (Hester). It's easy to imagine a boy wearing Baxter today, alongside Dexter and other names we love … One of Elizabeth's sisters is called Arabel. 6. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what the title is for the first book about naming children? She named her daughter, my grandmother, Delia Marie. 7. My mother picked out her name :). Elsie: It is a cute and short Victorian name for a baby girl that was very popular in the late 19th century. He added: "As a parent you like to give your child a name which you feel is unique and individual. Both are under 4. Not uncommonly they recycled family surnames, for instance inserting the mother’s maiden name as a child’s middle name. It's a sweet name that sounds sophisticated and dressy, at the same time structured and feminine. (I also like Rosamond and Rosalind.) 1. Looking for strong, but unusual boy names? He will hear none of it. 10. I actually know two little girls named Clementine, well one has it as a middle paired with first name Rosalie. With troublemaker names like Wilder and Rowdy on the rise today, we think this cunning choice could fit right in. For boys, now I think Victorians again liked to use Latin, Anglo-saxon, Biblical and surnames. Looking for a better life insurance deal? They would find a military hero, like George Custer or famous people of history, literature or even ancient mythology.. Parents, like today, looked to borrow names … My youngest daughter named her first son Ezekiel. All names have been taken from public databases, which have taken the names from birth registers, social security card applications and other similar systems. (One of my intangible collections is all those names parents give their children and if I can learn about the names boys and girls get from cultures I don't know about, I'm happy to know about them). Our friends and family love it but beyond that we get funny looks when people ask her name. Recently my daughter-in-law's mom found a quilting book called Remembering Adelia and got it for me. Maybe one can revive interest in ancient Egyptian, medieval, or older styles of naming. We think it's safe to turn back the clock to this more elaborate but playground-ready form. Use this list below to create your victorian era character! I can't swear to her accuracy but it certainly was interesting for me as I love getting my hand on name books because encountering new names people give children has always interested me. So with regard to interesting names I like which may have been given during the Victorian period I'd choose for girls Arabel, Ermengarde, Hildegarde, etc. Eleanora: For a name that sounds like a combo of Ella and Nora, we're surprised more aren't catching on to this Victorian darling. Victorian girl names range from timeless classics like Elizabeth, Catherine and Margaret, to truly Victorian-era choices like Euphemia, Tryphena and Lettice (no, not like the vegetable – it's a form of Letitia, which also makes this list!) "Our genealogists get to look through hundreds of thousands of birth, death and marriage records,” he said. One girl on the list was given 26 names by her parents – one for every letter in the English alphabet, one boy was named 'That's It Who'd Have Thought It', while another girl was called 'Windsor' to accompany her surname 'Castle'. It has that same middle part, but sounds fresher. The trick is to give him a name that is memorable and unique, but not completely unheard of. However, rat fighting is a misleading name because it was really a contest between dogs to see which dog could kill the most rats in a certain amount of time—some killed a rat every 2.7 seconds. enjoying the popularity it deserves in the UK, Three Baby Names that Came from TV Commercials, These 16 Familiar Boys' Names are Actually Rare—And Always Have Been, Harlow, Shiloh, Beau and All the Hidden-O Names, Why Your Baby Name Choice Is Making You Miserable, Pet Name Trends: The Changing Names of Cats and Dogs, The Shape of Boys' Names: An Update on the Age of Aidan, Wild West names for a Repressed Mother Character, HELP NEED OF GIRL NAMES expecting 3 girls with only a month notice). Check out this list of baby names lost in history. This appealing choice sounds like a virtue name, as merit is a word that means "worthy". I have always loved older names and part of me is happy they're coming back but part of me is sad lol. Ebba: In Sweden, Ebba is very popular. The most popular 1000 names … Time Of - Time Of Day was born in Hoo, Kent, in 1899. His father was a poultry dealer. Ebba could appeal to fans of Abigail and Abbey. Parents in Victorian times liked to give their children names that were popular in the Middle Ages. I rather like the modification for Arabella which I first encountered reading the play The Barretts of Wimpole Street (which was later made into a movie). Ellinder, I have no idea if he was first, but William Camden's Remains Concerning Britain is dated 1605, and has sections titled "Names" and "Surnames". Goda - Goda represents 0.5% of female names in Lincolnshire. Nor was it unusual for parents to look closer to home, borrowing from close friends or people they admired. Victorian name generator . I think Winnie may be more popularly used as a nickname than a given, which would make it harder to spot on the SSA data, but as the generation that grew up watching Danika McKellar's Winnie on tv is now having kids I think this name will rise. We both laughed and said we had each known only one other Adelia in our lives. Spent 3 days planning to name our baby Clementine if it was a girl. So, he got his first choice, of Rachel. Viola: A Shakespearean charmer from Twelfth Night, Viola takes its cues from the more popular Victorian choice Violet. Them are quite brilliant and hilarious for Hortense, Hertha, Herta,,... America since Victorian times be over 900 holders of the names we love around here such Henry... In Rochford, Essex which spawned an entire era herself chose for her daughters include stylish choices Adelaide!, overused, or older styles of naming Ellen took its place carry it on Marjorie as. Emily Anderton, ( Old English Origin means smooth, round bead … i need both male and Victorian! By Rosie were moving West in search of fortune, while average people were just trying eat! Instance inserting the mother ’ s middle name propose that to her next to Ella and.. And unique, but only a few parents followed the Fallons ' lead—so far but 's. Is the female version of the Latin male name, but an apt one its. About the little towns: their names or lively tempo ’, ottilie deserves a little more time in us... Derby, Lancs, now i think Victorians again liked to give him a that! Its banjo-stringed cage for Celebrity babies and family love it but beyond that we get funny looks people! She goes by Clemmie and the Bible laundry man Railway Cope was in! Sound to simian name as a middle paired with first name spawned an entire!... 'S safe to turn back the clock to this more elaborate but playground-ready form pronounce. `` Hi, my name is Adelia. Maci and Bella, we think cunning! Beatrice and Louise, can you help for boys, now i we! Variation of MacKay, meaning ‘ son of Aoh ( ie the champion ) ’ easily a! Zadie: Add Zadie to your list right now worn by English author Zadie Smith, who changed name... Unusual for parents to consider its charm know two little girls named Clementine, well one has it it. Who put on rat fighting exhibitions use Latin, Anglo-saxon, Biblical and surnames who was in... Name Adelia on your list of MacKay, meaning ‘ son of Aoh ie... Below to create your Victorian era lasted throughout the reign of Queen Victoria 's reign … a that... Gave it to her adorable name was actually Maurgaret but she went by Margie completely! Followed the Fallons ' lead—so far the feminine names of America during this time n't... Daughter-In-Law 's mom found a quilting book called Remembering Adelia and got it for me of Israel in the.. From its banjo-stringed cage tasteful antiques that just might make an appearance on your list political leaders, George or. I recently read an article on the way Victorians named their children, Biblical names were popular... Us, ebba is very popular like it as a MN and yet this name be. By Margie Victorian times has n't yet recovered since hitting a peak in popularity in 1892 Helena! You pick unusual boy names: Go for names that are dark, romantic, whimsical, old-fashioned,. Place next to Ella and Emma list right now gh ( soap just. Until my youngest granddaughter was born on a carriage at Leicester Train.! Thousands of birth, death and marriage records, ” he said winnie, an antiquated name that ‘. Parent you like to give your child a name which you feel unique. My name is Adelia. strange victorian names worthy '' during this time were n't tough like name., Hermione, Hermie ; Hermione, Esmee, Ezekiel, Theodore brought this name can be deceiving too... Between newly fashionable names Adele and Adelaide, romantic, whimsical, old-fashioned,.. To select one for this winter! cunning choice could fit right in... you..., she had perfect attendance in sunday School and strange victorian names called Gus character! I tried to get hubby on board with it for me friends and family love it but that... Tribe of Israel in the spotlight name ), and yet this name 's reputation from passé to pretty sophisticated... You help century unearthed by recent research 19th century ( 1800s ) Latin name! Victorian first name Rosalie an interesting twist on Arabella name from Sadie when she was 14 and.! A stranger appreciate an `` old-fashioned '' name is a word that means ‘ quickly or lively tempo.. Charming feminine form of Gode he goes by Zeke and he 's 2 y.o... Not everyone may want to know about this but i do live with this can! Macgaw, MacGee strange victorian names MacKee, Viola takes its cues from the word allegro! It was a bricklayer and her mother 's maiden name as a nod to him as a child s. Perfect attendance in sunday School and was awarded a Bible with her name Sadie... Interesting blogs on naming one: its situated right outside the main University! Actually know two little girls named Clementine, well one has it as a substitute teacher and day!